In 2019 I decided in 2020 I’m going visible. But from stealth to being visible is a real challenge indeed.

From comfort zone to uncomfortable zone. The transit never going to be easy. But this where I know I can inspire others.

At the time of writing, there has been much progress but the journey is far. I’m not even closer. But my progress will surprise many. Those who know me will be surprised by the transformation that is taking place. Slowly and surely it’s being created and I’m documenting the journey.

The year was 2005; wonder if only I was a lot braver, a lot like now. Things would have been different. What did really happened?

Simply put my time hasn’t come. There is no point in regretting. That was just the way it was. My consciousness was such. It was only in 2016 I took a great stride to do something in the back of people’s doubts. I know there is still some skeptic but I don’t care anymore. What matters is my intention, my mission, my vision, and my core. And what makes me happy is the results that I’m getting.

There were few principles I follow to a tee.

  • to improve daily. ( Be better than yesterday)
  • not to be in the noisy crowded place. (Be the first, Be the furthest, Be different)
  • start now, start simple.
  • impact others

I’m Asogan Ramaiah. Father of 2 boys. Husband to a wonderful wife that has been through thick and thick with me. A digital multipreneur aspirant, a video marketing mastery student, obsessed with Micro Niche. Founder of Bright Creative Mind Services, my social media marketing, creative writing, and multipreneurship vehicle.