A 1o year dream to be an online entrepreneur begins to take shape in the year 2016. Nobody knows how badly I want to succeed. As I always mentioned in all my interviews (my writings in the journey) I have missed many boats earlier. I was there the early adopters of Facebook as I left Myspace, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, and even Tagged. This is the time email marketing came about. Many of the current top internet entrepreneurs made their mark in the early years when I was there too but only watching.

Since 2016 I have trained under many mentors and coached locally and abroad. Be it live seminars or online. Yet lacking in efforts, time, and resources have hindered my growth. And I failed to connect the dots.

Finally realized I know a bit of a lot and a lot of a bit. My love for learning, researching, writing thus my habit of taking notes whenever there are seminars, Live Events even while reading books.

My pursuit of knowledge continues as I signed up for ebooks or any freebies offered in exchange for my email address. this is done knowingly I’m looking forward to their emails. However, I agree not all emails are opened and later were unsubscribed if they do not resonate with me. Likewise, I do the same when I like a post on Facebook. As I want them to appear in my newsfeed and I ‘ve maximum allowed seeing the first notification.

Why am I documenting this journey? I want to look back on how I ‘ve transformed my life 360 degrees to be a digital multipreneur in the 4 phases of my life. I have divided them into the early years, the wonder years, the learning years, and beyond 2020 – the golden years. I can now give hope and impact many more people who were in similar shoes.

This journey encountered many twists ..the missing dots are to focus, razor focus on what I really want. My journey will never stop as my goals always been to be a multipreneur, it’s just I need to manage them well. Thus comes the 3 pillars – Systemization, Automation, and Optimization.

I will write about my obsession with the study of niche later. Stay tuned.

I’m Asogan Ramaiah. Father of 2 boys. Husband to a wonderful wife that has been through thick and thin with me. I’m a digital multipreneur , a video marketing mastery student. Obsessed with Micro Niche. Founder of BCMS, my social media marketing, creative writing, and multipreneurship vehicle. In a mission to make a 360-degree transformation to my life and make impact others to do the same.