The past does not equal the future. Period.

Show me the law that you cannot have it all. Prove it beyond your reasonable doubt, why you cannot have all that. .

Show me all the evidence. Excuse not counted as evidence.

You are entitled to everything you want in life as much as the next person. You deserve all that you want and more.

.The world is full of opportunity and there is plenty to go around. In fact, there is much more space a the top than at the bottom.

People who seem to be better than you not necessarily are better than you. However, they must ve done something that made them look better than you. .They must have known something more, applied certain laws, certain strategies, or principles. .And we can too, without any doubt.

What matters is not what thrown at us but how we deal with what was thrown at us that counts.

It is wise to remember whatever situation we currently find ourselves in won’t really matter because your present will soon be your past.

In another experiment ;Brought to you and rewritten by

Asogan, The journey With Aso